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See what positive things people are saying about Needle and Thread!

“The best music is always the most personal music, and Needle and Thread certainly comes straight from Finstrom’s heart. It is both heartening and emotionally empowering.” -CURIOUS FOR MUSIC

“Genre-wise, [Vincent Van Beethoven] brings together elements of classical, arena rock, electronica, and hints of the psychedelic.” -BEACH SLOTH

“a real artistic, out of the box, style.” -MUSIC STREET JOURNAL

“[Needle and Thread] has a timeless sound that echoes some of the best rock and pop music out there…fans of artists as diverse as The Beatles, Coldplay, Francis Moon, or Elton John will undoubtedly be able to connect with this” -THE BANDCAMP DIARIES

“10 out of 10. Profound songwriting, fantastic composition and an inspiring sound design” -EXCESS MAGAZINE

“With themes of identity, relationships, adolescence and personal growth, ‘Needle and Thread’ has something for everyone.” -SKOPE MAGAZINE

“…it takes a skilled writer to drill into the human experience. Needle and Thread is an album which does just that, and Vincent Van Beethoven (actually musician and engineer Joe Finstrom) can do it so well because he not only spent five years building his initial ideas into a 12-track album but also because such insights and understandings as found within his songs, only reveal themselves over the passage of time.” -DANCING ABOUT ARCHITECTURE

“an epic rock ballad with beautiful orchestral instrumentation, Phil Collins-inspired roto-toms, and intriguing Beatles-inspired vocal harmonic production techniques.” -MUSIC FARMER 5

“spacious, graceful and filled with lush textures” -DANCING ABOUT ARCHITECTURE

“What do you get when you blend the essence of legendary groups such as The Beatles, Rush, MGMT and Fun? You get VINCENT VAN BEETHOVEN”-MUSIC FARMER 5

“Vincent van Beethoven carefully weaves a refined tapestry of contemporary music with transcendent seedlings formed by instrumentation of voice, piano, synthesizers, guitar, bass, and sampled percussion within a retrosphere of 80s sound.” -WARLOCK ASYLUM INTERNATIONAL NEWS

“…could have been written and performed by Prince, or even David Byrne” -MUSIC FARMER 5